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This programme will equip learners by teaching them about security from a range of perspectives, including risk management, riot & tactical response, business risk management planning, law enforcement and the use of security force.

Security Studies, what does that mean?

Security Studies educates the learner on the professional management of security in the public, private and residential sectors. The course is founded on the pillars of protecting people, assets and information.

Topics to be covered in the program include:

  • Principles of Private Security Management
  • Essential Skills
  • Introduction to Criminology and Legal Studies
  • Intelligence Studies
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Technology and Information Security

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Course Details - Security Studies

More information about this course below.

Our Security Studies training has been developed to equip learners with advanced skills in identifying theft, corporate espionage and suspicious criminal activities. The training is designed to specifically prepare our candidates to immediately participate in the security industry both in the private and public industry. We deliver our training through virtual and classroom facilities with the aim to connect diverse learners across the country to share knowledge and develop expertise in the industry.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Enables students to develop advanced skills and competencies in conducting, evaluating and analyzing security threats
  • Provides on job training in Technology and Information Security Management for full time employees
  • Enables students to make a valuable contribution to the discipline of Security Management and the advancement of professional security practice
  • Produces competent, informed and ethical professionals who have extensive academic understanding and experience within Security Management and the theories which underpin the discipline

Semester 1

  • Essential Skills
  • Principles of Physical Security Practices I
  • Technology and Information Security Management I
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Criminology and Legal Studies
  • Physical and Tactical Training

Semester 2

  • Intelligence Studies
  • Technology and Information Security II
  • Applied Security and Risk Management II
  • Project I
  • Security Officer – Grade (E- A)
  • Fire Arm Training

Bursaries and Funding are available for qualifying students.

To qualify for funding, students must have a guarantor who will be prepared to repay the monthly repayment for at least a minimum of 6 to 36 month. The said guarantor must be in full-time employment with a monthly net pay of R 9000 per month. The student applying for funding must further submit the following documents of their guarantors:

  • Certified ID
  • Pay slip
  • 3 month’s bank statement

Career opportunities:

Secure a future for you and your family with career options in the Security industry. Some jobs you can apply for:

Security Engineer, Security Operations Manager, Security Officer, Head of Security, IT Risk Manager, Risk Manager, Safety Officer, Risk Controller, Air Safety Officer, IT Security Access Manager, Information Security Administrator, Senior Risk Officer, Asset Protection Manager, Information Security Specialist and much more…

Other Courses

Fully Equipped and Licensed…

Security Personnel Training

We offer complete security training from entry to advanced level.

Get trained by professionals on South African Firearm law and competent handling (we also assist with licensing).


Our specific focus on ongoing skills development for security personnel ensures you always have the best protection for your assets.

Corporate Training

We develop and implement comprehensive skills development programmes encompassing security, policy and systems guidance. We also provide support to selected training institutes to improve the quality of their programmes.


Concepts for labour market oriented skills development are designed and implemented together with local authorities involving the private sector.

Firearm Training

Firearm training in Newcastle by accredited instructors. Firearm types we train on; Rifle (manual and self-loading), Shotgun, Handgun and Revolver. We provide training for grades E, D, C and B, as well as offer an Instructor's course.


“The training we provide enables our students to develop a holistic view of their job or skillset. For clients with their own security personnel, we are also available to assess work performance and provide on-the-job guidance wherever there is a need.”

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