Sukuma Training Academy is a progressive learning and development academy which supports businesses of all sizes to engage with and invest in emerging talent. We start with our clients’ ambitions, plans and challenges in mind. Everything we do is about assisting businesses to improve, cost cut and grow.

We’re really proud that we are one of the companies in the security industry to offer a range of products that encompasses the whole scope and sphere of training that is not only necessary but required and relevant to business and the general public.

Our teaching and studying methodology is based on a virtual learning environment (VLE) set up to enhance the student learning experience through networked computing and high-speed internet connectivity. This includes curriculum mapping, student tracking, online support for both teachers and students, electronic communication and simultaneous group discussions across our three campuses.

The academy has three campuses in the Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal provinces and produces a combined total capacity of 900 students per annum.

Our campuses boast the latest high-tech ICT infrastructure that enables students to engage with their peers across campuses and we strongly believe that with this methodology, we will be spreading across the country soon.

With the introduction of our new entrant to market – The Advanced Certificate in Security Systems and Information Management (ASSIM) designed to build a high performance workforce that adds value to any organisation and drives business goals; the company is extremely excited that apprentices produced under this rigorous programme will be adept to the fourth industrial revolution way of thinking which will enable business to effect change management at ease.

With the introduction of ASSIM, the Academy in partnership with its sister company Sukuma Security Services; trains to retain the trainees in their “Job on training programme”. During “the training phase” the learners will be placed in work environments with various supporting partners that are in tune with youth empowerment and job creation partnerships.

This is in order to;

  • Provide work experience placements for young people on a traineeship programme, often with the prospect of long term employment should the young person be a good fit for a particular business or company.
  • Running campaigns to attract young people to the academy; this is a targeted effort to attract candidates from different communities and talent pools in order to increase capacity on skills development.
  • Encourage further collaborations with partners because as the engagement with the trainee grows, the relationship between the academy, graduate and your company will become increasingly important.

The progressing phase is about what happens next.

“If you’re going to retain your best young talent in a vibrant labour market, you need to offer clear development and progression opportunities beyond the initial Traineeship Phase”. “If you’re going to maximise your return on investment in emerging talent, you need young people to realise their full potential and progress as far as their talent will take them”.

Therefore, in order to allay the questions raised, SSS & STA has set up a robust structure that will absorb these young professionals as Junior Security Officers in its employ. This vibrant workforce will be responsible for the roll out and management of the security solutions designed and developed by the Security Services Company into the market.

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