What is this course?

Sukuma Training Academy is an ambitious, forward-thinking training academy that seeks to challenge the conventional and traditional learning method by introducing a combined academic, vocational and experiential training methodology. We are a work-based training institution with strong academic learning support. To support our founding principles, we went on to put our words into action by designing a programme that responds to our values and commitment:

“The Advanced Certificate in Security Systems and Information Management (ASSIM) is an intermediate qualification after Matric (Grade 12) specifically designed to equip the student with the necessary skills that will enable you to function in the work environment with its job on training program.

Why study this course?

ASSIM: – has a strong vocational professional & career focus that students or holders of this qualification are normally prepared to enter a specific niche in the security industry and labor market.

Also, ASSIM provides you an opportunity to a greater understanding of technology in that it gives you access to demonstrate your understanding by designing a solution that you will be part of marketing and rolling out to the public.”

The programme was designed in such a way that it incorporates work-related learning at every level, this is so that we make sure that once our learners graduate, they are equipped with a wide range of transferable skills and knowledge in the following but not limited to these areas:

  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Presentation
  • Teamwork and research.

Our programme is supported by our in-house mentorship system that is equipped to thoroughly provide an emotionally balanced learning environment throughout the academic period, in order to ensure that there is a steady progression in all areas such as academic, personal and career growth.

What do you get?

Programme certificates: –

The following certificates will be awarded to successful candidates:

  • Security Management
  • Specialized Principles of Security Practices
  • Grade A
  • Firearm Competency
  • Cyber and Network Security

How long is the course?

The programme runs on a full cycle of eighteen (18) months

  • First Six Months – Purely Academic
  • Second Six Months – Job on Training and Project
  • Last Six Months – Complete Experiential

Potential Career Paths

Upon completion, graduates will have the relevant knowledge, skills, experience and qualification that will make them attractive candidates for recruitment by corporates within various sectors of the economy.

Graduates will have diverse skills in;

  • Security Management
  • Risk Management
  • Technology and Information Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Physical Security and many more

Also, candidates who have graduated from our programme may consider further higher education training by pursuing

  • an undergraduate degree/diploma in Security Management or
  • any criminal justice-related studies in policing
  • prison service and
  • Civil law.

Semester 1

  • Essential Skills
  • Principles of Physical Security Practices I
  • Technology and Information Security Management I
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Criminology and Legal Studies
  • Physical and Tactical Training

Semester 2

  • Intelligence Studies
  • Technology and Information Security II
  • Applied Security and Risk Management II
  • Project I
  • Security Officer – Grade (E- A)
  • Fire Arm Training

Programme Calendar

The programme runs on a full cycle of eighteen (18) months

  • First Six Months – Purely Academic
  • Second Six months – Job on training and project
  • Last six months – complete experiential

Step 1

  • You may apply for the ASSIM course by filling in the online form or download an application form and send it to admissions@sukumasa.co.za.
  • Once we receive your application form, we will evaluate and send you feedback. If you meet the selection criteria, you will be notified and invited to write a selection test.
  • We will notify you of the results of the test, if successful, you will be offered a space for which you have applied for (2nd Semester). In the offer, we will give you a period in which you must complete your registration after which we will withdraw application should you fail to complete the registration in the prescribed period.

Step 2

  • Prepare the documentation stated in your acceptance letter and send to the relevant address.
  • For students requiring a study permit, pay the relevant fees as stipulated in your acceptance letter and receive supporting documentation from the academy.
  • For students requiring a loan, fill in the Fundi loan application forms and submit together with your registration forms.
  • For students paying cash, you are required to pay the fees as stipulated in your acceptance letter and attach proof of payment to your application form.
  • Once the above is achieved your space will be confirmed and reserved.

Step 1 – Complete this form and click “Submit” at the bottom.

Step 2 – After submitting your registration form, attach your supporting documents below and click “Submit Documents” at the bottom (PDF only).

Documents to submit (you can attach more than 1 file):

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Certified ID Copies
  3. School Report /Matric Certificate
  4. Proof Of Residence
  5. Proof Of Payment (Registration Fee)
  6. FUNDI Application (including relevant supporting documents)

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Step 3 – Submit a video motivating your application below.

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Maximum size 100mb

Local Students

  • The full fee is R105, 250 broken down as follows
    • Semester I – R55, 000
    • Semester II – R50, 250

* Eligible to apply for FUNDI loan

* Payment plans are made available to individuals with specific needs

* Includes permanent resident holders

International Students

  • The full fee is
    • R122, 250 (Incl. Study Visa Support)
    • R147,500 (Incl. Study Visa Support, Shared Accommodation & Transport)

Payment Conditions

  • Applications will only be considered once a non-refundable registration fee of R1,000 is received.
  • Once accepted, a R15,500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your training materials and platform use.

* For FUNDI loan applicants, the R15,500 deposit is included as part of your application.

Fundi Loan

  • The institution has extensively gone into fruitful discussions with a third-party funding body (Fundi) that has agreed to finance students so far, they meet the necessary criteria (see below).
  • For more details send an email to admissions@sukumasa.co.za or visit the following website www.fundi.co.za

Who Qualifies?

South African citizens and Permanent Resident holders with parents/guardians/relatives/friends with a combined income of R9000 and above per month willing to stand as a guarantor can apply for the loan. FUNDI will inform you of the status of your application within 48 hours.

Supporting Documents

  1. Guarantors working for the government or any corporate organisation: –
    The required supporting documents are:

    • Correctly filled in & signed form
    • Quotation of study fees
    • Certified ID copy (less than three months)
    • Payslip (less than 3 months)
  2. Guarantors working for the private sector: –
    Must include all the above (1) plus: –

    • Three months bank statements
    • Stamped confirmation of employment
  3. Guarantors that are self-employed: –
    Must include all the above (1) except pay slip plus: –

    • Letter from auditor stating income per month
    • Six months bank statements if it’s a business account
    • Three months bank statements if it’s a private account
    • CK Documents
    • Tax Clearance


  • The Training Academy will give scholarships to deserving students who will meet the following criteria;
    • Verified students from families depending on South African social grant system
    • Qualified students with level 6 on both Mathematics and English (selection of this students is at the CEO’s discretion)

Step 1 – Write a 1-page motivation letter and submit it here, this will accompany your full application (PDF only).

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Step 2 – Submit a video motivating your scholarship application below.

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Maximum size 100mb

Benefits for Employers

Email training@sukumasa.co.za to book a consultation.

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